• Ruth Fink-Winter

    “[T]he experiences rang true for me. It reminded me of what it's like to be young and in love with the movie and simply bursting because it's not Saturday yet. Playing the soundtrack until my family begs me to stop. And the excitement of learning the parts for the very first time…If you're interested in an insider's look at what Rocky was like "back in the day," or if you've been doing this long enough that you've started to forget what it was like to feel your heart swell as if you were in love when those lips appear on the screen, you'll enjoy this book.”

  • Megan Choate

    Long Beach, CA

    "I highly enjoyed reading it. It was very strange to be so immersed into a Rocky world that seemed so similar, yet so different from my own. Thoughout the read, I started to feel as if I knew the characters; the cast members could have been in my own group....Through Kevin's (Jack's) description, I felt like it could have been me up there, performing Time Warp for the first time, being thrown into Riff. The story really captures the nervousness, excitement, and basic terror of performing for the first time. How giddy you feel when you finally play the part you want, how great it is to join a cast and be apart of something, how happy you feel once the show has ended and you didn't completely mess it up. It shows Rocky Horror through a different era; how things have changed and yet really stayed the same. Rocky was and still is an experience that teaches you how to be confident and go after what you want. I had a great time being in the world of The Wild and Untamed Things, it was a wonderful read."

  • Jenny Byers

    Wilmette, IL

    Hey there fellow Rocky Horror Picture Show fans! The new RHPS memoir book written by Kevin Theis and Ronald Fox "Confessions of a Transylvanian" really captures the excitement of joining and being on a Rocky cast in the early days of the Rocky Horror phenomenon; the book is an intriguing snapshot of time from that era. A fun read, the authors take you on a strange journey through a weird and wonderful world of enthusiastic RHPS devotees and live to tell the tale. Highly recommend! Read an advance copy, couldn't put it down. Does justice to RHPS, is a loving tribute.

  • Tom Amici

    New York, NY

    By 1982, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was lighting up screens across the country every Friday and Saturday night, with live performers perfecting each character’s every move, without the help of DVD, and only a vinyl soundtrack to aid in practices during the week. Many things have changed since 1982, but the spirit remains the same, where participating in the Rocky Horror show gives way to exploring your limits, shedding your fears, and letting your freak flag fly. Just as with many Rocky casts, the Wild and Untamed Things of Deerfield Beach, FL becomes a 2nd family to its members.

  • Bruce Cutter

    Chicago, IL

    Confessions of a Transylvanian transported me back to the early 1980s, when I first started going to RHPS. The book captures the era and the experience perfectly. It brought back memories of the first time I saw the movie, the first time I dressed up as a character, and my first time performing in front of the movie. Kevin’s/Jack’s experiences with his cast (the good and bad) were incredibly similar to mine and probably to most people who have ever been in a cast, including all the hanging out, drinking/partying, and late night dinners at Dennys (for me it was Big Boy).

  • Mystie

    Memphis, TN

    A nostalgic look at the way things were back in my early days of doing the show and the people involved - I loved reading it and re-living the old days and reviving my love in my new cast, too. Rocky Horror has always been a place where people would go for acceptance and expression, no matter who you were. That motto that was used in the book is my very favorite and words I have truly lived by, as do most Rocky cast members: "Don't dream it. Be it!"

  • Lawrence Bommer

    Chicago, IL

    A remarkable read [that] completely fills the quota for backstage ROCKY HORROR chronicles from here to eternity! [Filled] with steamy anecdotes and tales told out of school that reveal tons about the games of make-believe that actors and audiences love to play. I never knew there was so much texture and depth to the ROCKY HORROR craze. “Confessions” can proudly join the shelf of insider exposѐs!

  • Ryan Wilson

    Aberdeen, NJ

    'Confessions' is an awesome read. It made me feel like I was 16 again, just starting out in my own Rocky cast. The whole story was completely relatable: the glory, the pain, the craziness. When it comes down to it, Jack's story is really all of our stories, a bunch of kids trying to make their way through life and discovering what it really means to be a part of the Rocky Horror experience.

  • Dori Hartley

    The famed Waverly Theater cast

    Big Kudos to the writers who brought us the splendid memoir, "Confessions of a Transylvanian". The style is very friendly, the pace brisk and the voice is so down to earth that the reader cannot help but feel they are reading about their own real life buddy. Those of us who have lived the Rocky Horror lifestyle, 'know' the central figure of this book -- whether we've met him or not.

    "Confessions" takes us from the hilariously documented days of teenage life in the hellish monotony of South Florida through the experiences and friendships that only a diehard Rocky Horror fan would relate to. An ambitious and intimate work, worthy of a read. "Confessions of a Transylvanian" is most assuredly a labor of love.

  • Tracy Baim

    Chicago, IL

    Who doesn't love the cult classic film Rocky Horror Picture Show, especially those raised in the 1970s and 1980s? Well, there are fans and there are FANS, and Confessions of a Transylvanian by Chicago theater veteran Kevin Theis and his writing partner Ron Fox documents the true hardcore fans of this cross-dressing phenomenon—the cast of the live version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Theis was a boy who became "a man in fishnets" in this story of the cast friendships, loves and losses. The only thing missing is photos, but the juicy details are still worth the read.

  • Rob Bagnall

    the official U.K. Rocky Horror Fan Club

    "...it is...a huge testament to the witty, swift and compelling writing style of the talented authors that the whole thing remains utterly compelling, touching and enthralling throughout....I genuinely enjoyed Confessions Of A Transylvanian, and I find myself wholeheartedly recommending it."

  • Jack Helbig

    Chicago, IL

    Anyone familiar with Theis's professional work (it's not hard to become so...) can't help but see the future actor in the ambitious, gutsy, but often terrified kid depicted in Confessions. Theis's many accounts of preshow stage fright followed by triumph should be required reading for student actors. And anyone interested in starting a storefront theater might learn a lot from the authors' detailed accounts of the Rocky Horror troupe's rich, drama-filled offstage life.

    Theis and Fox write with the fluidity of born storytellers—which isn't surprising inasmuch as storytelling is the essence of theater. They left me wanting more, and that's exactly how any performer wants to leave his audience. Another lesson Theis learned from Rocky Horror.